Exploring the Biggest Annual Sporting Events in the Czech Capital of Prague

Nestled in the heart of central Europe, the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is renowned for its multi-faceted history and majestic baroque and gothic architecture. But beyond its cobbled streets and undeniable Medieval charm, Prague is also a hotbed of sporting culture.

If you’re a sports fanatic – of course you are, that’s why you’re here – and you’re planning a trip to Prague soon, be sure to put these sporting events in your diary to see if your dates align. We’ll shine a spotlight on the biggest sporting spectacles to grace the picturesque landscapes of Prague every year.

Prague International Marathon

As one of the largest running events in Central Europe, the Prague International Marathon draws thousands of participants and spectators to the city every May. Renowned for its flat and scenic course that winds through historic landmarks such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, the marathon offers both professional athletes and amateur runners a unique opportunity to soak in the city’s beauty while testing their endurance.

Bridge in Prague

With a festive atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds lining the streets, the Prague Marathon has earned a reputation as a must-visit event for running enthusiasts worldwide.

Czech Masters Golf Tournament

Hosted at the Albatross Golf Resort on the outskirts of Prague, the Czech Masters Golf Tournament is a premier event on the European Tour calendar, even if it’s not one of the biggest golf events on the global circuit.

Featuring top professional golfers from around the world competing for a coveted title, the tournament offers spectators an unparalleled opportunity to witness world-class golfing talent against the backdrop of the Czech countryside. With meticulously manicured greens, challenging fairways, and breathtaking scenery, the Czech Masters showcases the beauty of Czech golf. A $2 million prize pool is also hugely attractive to tour card holders.

European Poker Tour Prague

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is comfortably the largest live poker circuit in Europe. Established in 2004, the EPT was launched to capitalise on the so-called ‘poker boom’ of the mid-2000s. Prague wasn’t one of the original venues on the EPT circuit, but it was added for the first time in 2007, with EPT Prague chosen as the closing leg of the annual circuit.

That’s still the case today, with the 2024 EPT circuit also scheduled for a final stop in the Czech capital. The 2024 EPT Prague event begins from 4th December through to 15th December. Staged at the Hilton Hotel Prague, the EPT Main Event carries a buy-in of €5,300, attracting many of the biggest names in European poker. Online poker fanatics have the opportunity to qualify for some of the biggest events in the EPT and rub shoulders with the elite by working their way through the PokerStars Power Path, which allows low-rollers to work their way through multiple stages to the ultimate ‘Gold’ level. The Gold package includes entry to one of the EPT High-Roller Main Events.

Czech Ice Hockey Extraliga Finals

Ice hockey holds a special place in Czech sports culture, and the Czech Extraliga Finals are a highlight of the ice hockey season. Taking place at Prague’s O2 Arena, the finals pit the top teams in the league against each other in a thrilling showdown for the championship title.

With passionate fans filling the arena, the atmosphere is electric as players battle it out on the ice, showcasing their skill, speed, and determination. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or simply looking to experience the excitement of live sports, the Czech Extraliga Finals offer an exhilarating spectacle that captures the essence of Czech ice hockey. Tourists are best to use a tour operator to procure tickets for the Extraliga Finals given the popularity of the event. The finals often involve HC Kometa Brno, given that they have 13 titles to their name in the competition’s 31-year history.

Prague’s annual sporting events offer a captivating blend of athleticism, excitement, and cultural immersion against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. From marathons and golf tournaments to poker championships and ice hockey finals, these events showcase Prague’s diverse sports scene to the max.