Who Are the Biggest F1 Sponsors? Six Companies Fueling the Fast Lane

Formula 1 isn’t just about heart-pounding races and daring manoeuvres; it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry fueled by massive sponsorships. These partnerships between global brands and racing teams create a win-win situation, placing companies in front of a passionate audience and giving teams the resources to compete at the pinnacle of motorsport. Let’s delve into the top companies currently greasing the wheels of F1.


oracle logoOracle went from behind the scenes to the forefront of F1 in 2022, becoming the title sponsor for Red Bull Racing. This wasn’t just about logos on cars. Their cloud computing power became a crucial pit crew member. Red Bull can now crunch through massive simulations in the cloud, optimising car designs and race strategies at lightning speed.

This data-driven approach is a game changer, giving Red Bull a sharper edge in a sport where milliseconds mean the difference between victory and defeat. The partnership extends beyond the track too, with Oracle collaborating on engine development for Red Bull’s future dominance.

HP Inc.

HP logo wideFerrari’s iconic red cars just got a high-tech upgrade with HP as their new title partner. This American giant isn’t just throwing money at the problem; they’re shelling out a cool $100 million annually.

In return, HP gets prominent branding on the cars and access to Ferrari’s cutting-edge technology needs. This includes not just high-performance computers for complex calculations, but also 3D printing machines crucial for crafting innovative car parts.

It’s a win-win for both parties – Ferrari gets the resources they need to stay ahead of the curve, and HP gets global exposure on the world’s biggest motorsport stage.


aramco logoSaudi Arabian oil giant Aramco is a major force in Formula 1, sponsoring both the Aston Martin team and the sport itself. You’ll spot their logo on cars, like those driven by Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, and on race tracks throughout the season.

Their deep involvement makes Aramco arguably the most important external sponsor in F1. In 2024, Aramco became the sole name in Aston Martin’s team title, hinting at a possibly larger financial stake in the future.

While there are rumours of Aramco acquiring the team entirely, their current focus seems to be on developing the greenest fuel possible for F1’s future. This commitment to sustainability suggests that Aramco might be aiming for a bigger role in shaping F1’s sustainable future.


Petronas LogoIt’s no secret that Mercedes has dominated F1 in recent years, and a big part of their success can be attributed to their long-standing partnership with Petronas. The Malaysian oil and gas company has been with Mercedes since 2010, inking a deal reportedly worth $70 million in 2024.

Petronas branding is a familiar sight on the sleek silver Mercedes W14 cars piloted by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Their strong partnership with Mercedes goes beyond just supplying the team’s fuel.

They work hand-in-hand to develop the best possible fuel not just for Mercedes, but also for their customer teams. This deep collaboration extends to a hefty financial contribution annually, covering almost half of Mercedes’ budget cap.


Stake logoThe Australian gambling company, Stake, is a newcomer making waves in F1. Initially a major sponsor for Alfa Romeo, they upped their game in 2024 by becoming the title sponsor for the Sauber team. This two-year deal, worth $50 million per year, shows their belief in the sport’s potential.

While the Stake F1 Team’s on-track performance in 2023 wasn’t stellar, Stake’s commitment proves F1’s marketing power remains strong, even for teams yet to dominate the podium. Formula 1, with its global audience and high-octane glamour, has become a prime target for online casinos like Stake.

This sponsorship deal signifies a growing trend: online casinos leveraging the immense popularity of motorsport to promote their offerings. Stake’s association with F1 allows them to reach a massive, engaged audience, many of whom are likely interested in the excitement and competition that both racing and online casinos offer.

The excitement of racing has even seeped into the online casino culture. Nowadays, you can experience all the high-speed action on your favourite gaming sites. F1 culture is already a big part of online casinos with F1-themed online casino games and special events. While you might not be Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton, you can still take the virtual wheel and rule the track with F1 slots.


AWS LogoWhile Oracle and HP represent established tech giants in F1, Amazon is making its presence felt through its cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has partnered with Scuderia AlphaTauri, the sister team to Red Bull Racing, in a significant sponsorship deal.

Their logo features on the sleek white and blue AT04 cars driven by Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda. Through this partnership, AWS can broadcast its cloud solutions to a global audience interested in cutting-edge technology and motorsports.

Partnership For Years

Formula One sponsorships are evolving beyond just logos on cars. It’s about forging long-term partnerships that benefit both the team and the sponsor. Technology companies are providing cutting-edge solutions, fuel suppliers are pushing the boundaries of performance, and even gambling firms are seeing the value in brand association with this high-octane sport.

With F1’s popularity soaring, sponsorship is expected to keep growing.  New industries like cryptocurrency and sustainable energy might join the race, bringing fresh perspectives and resources.  One thing’s for sure – the battle for sponsorship supremacy in F1 is an exciting race to watch, unfolding alongside the high-speed drama on the track.