Top Athletes Who Love Skiing

Skiing is a body sport that requires careful attention to detail and an athlete’s full attention on the snow. The highlight of the snow sport season is the 47th FIS Alpine World Ski Championship, which took place from 6th to 19th February 2023. Many punters make use of free offers available on sportsbooks during major events like these, making their best estimations about the performance of athletes. Along with bettors, skiing has also proved popular and enjoyable for some world stars who, despite strict rules by coaches, clubs and insurance policies, have taking a liking for the sport.

Several top athletes enjoy their free time and holidays by participating in the snow sport. They come back from the snow and perform even better at their chosen profession. Here are three top athletes who enjoy skiing:

Manuel Neuer

The Sweeper Goalie, who finished third in the 2014 FIFA Ballon D’Or, enjoys skiing during winter breaks. Manuel Neuer believes skiing is a perfect means to clear his head after a long year or sad event. Neuer is a talented ski racer who thrived through football. Unlike most athletes, his love for the snow sport is no secret. It helps his mental strength when playing on the football pitch. The German veteran loves ski touring with his friends.

Zoe Bartel

Zoe is a professional swimmer who has found a balance between swimming and skiing. She once qualified for the Olympics Trial for swimming and told her loved ones that she would skip her training to go skiing. Her love for skiing is described by her parents as crazy. Friends advised against it due to the hazards of the sport but she won’t stop. She goes to the slopes at A-Basin, Keystone, Park City and Heli at Silverton. Swimming is always in her heart but skiing makes her come alive.

Novak Djokovic

Skiing runs through my veins…” Novak Djokovic said in one of his interviews. The Serbian tennis legend acknowledged skiing as the secret behind his skills on the Tennis court. He is known for his sleek slides across the tennis court. His flexible hips, ankle strength, and broad shoulder sets him apart from his opponents. Novak Djokovic grew up on the mountain and enjoyed the slopes as a youngster. The Serbian tennis star’s love for skiing has also developed his defensive style of taking opponents to the edge of their patience. He loves going to the Italian Alps and other ranges to ski with his friends.


Skiing is a rewarding sport for an athlete’s overall performance. It fosters a balanced lifestyle and helps develop a range of abilities that athletes can harness for their career. They get to keep fit and also enjoy themselves at the same time.